Ambition Starts at the Top

The 99 FACES PROJECT has an astute artisan who never minces words, but puts them into simple prose that always is full of conviction and contention. You only have to hear it once to appreciate where this noble endeavor may eventually reach and be successful:

" Our project is to invite everyone in, surprising viewers with the wonderful folks that they may have missed, and can appreciate. Also to have the young members of our culture begin with this new view. "

What can we learn from 99 FACES?  A lot about examples of equal humanity and maybe a chance to win a long fought war against diseases of any kinds, even when you can't tell whom has what by looking at still images. That makes the playing field level? Is there a stepping stone for everyone, not just the few? 

The endeavor is called 99 FACES, not 1 or 999. Though a mere random number, it is assumed that no one will be left behind in any way, shape, or form. We're all in this together. The project refuses to contribute to a prejudice that already permeates much of the world. The-all-for-one-and-one-for-all attitude is another part of the 99 FACES belief system. You will have a hard time disagreeing with the potential positive nature of this premise, even while it asks you to make seemingly mind probing and varied decisions regarding what you are looking at.

Because this subject matter is relatively new and has not been presented in this form or at such great lengths in such lucrative venues, 99 FACES honors those whom it represents by not creating any friction between its citizens by mentioning any personal health related concerns, nor does it care to suggest the specific conditions that may or may not exist. That would alter the playing field and throw stigma right back in the direction of the 99 FACES. 

To sum up: 99 FACES is a learning experience, each visage is treated the same.  This will bring about a fair, scientific and purposeful debate regarding the general public when talking about the effects of mental health, that everyone has a chance to be looked at as the same.  99 FACES has come a long way from science fiction to a more believable and loving science fact.